Healing From

The Inside Out


Intro to Shamanic  Journeying & the Spirit World 


This 7-week in-person course will introduce you to Shamanism, it’s history, and the power of shamanic journeying as a tool to enhance your life, deepen your creativity, and resolve daily challenges.  Learn about spirit guides, visit the three realms of non-ordinary reality, retrieve a personal power animal, meet a teacher, receive blessings, divine answers to questions from guides, and connect with nature spirits.  Each class will consist of an introductory lecture topic, guided journeys and a closing ceremony to increase the power of our work together.  Classes will meet in-person unless the government imposes restrictions in which case it will meet on Zoom.  Space is limited to 6 students.

2021 Dates:  Sept. 14, 21, 28, Oct 5, Oct 12, 19, 26 

What time:   6-8pm


Where:  In person, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY 

              address provided after registration.

Cost:  Early Bird - register by August 14  $150.      

          After August 14th:  $200


Register:  Paypal ndantonio2@gmail.com  or

                Venmo @nancy-dantonio.  

Contact:  ndantonio2@gmail.com



Registration is non-refundable.   Nancy D’Antonio reserves the right to cancel anyone's participation at any time for any reason.  If Nancy D’Antonio needs to cancel the course,  you will receive a full refund.  This class is intended for personal growth and educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical treatment.

We meet monthly on the Sunday afternoon closest to the full moon, outdoors in either Riverside Park or the North Woods of Central Park.   

River Sisters Drum Circle


We gather in spiritual community to raise awareness of social injustice, offer honorable closure for lives lost, and for healing collective trauma of our times, by radiating spiritual light into the universe, wherever it is needed most.  We call in sacred space, honor the elements, ancestor spirits, and  4 directions.  There is an opportunity for personal prayers before starting the healing light transfiguration work.  At the end we place our offerings in the river. 

Everyone is asked to contribute a sacred offering.  Flowers, tobacco, sage, acorns, pine cones, corn meal, wild bird seed, medicinal plants, etc. are appreciated.  We create the altar together.  You are welcome to share a poem or song, or bring a snack for afterwards.  The power of this ceremony lies in what each participant brings.  Bring a rattle/drum and a chair, blanket or mat to sit on.  


This event is by donation and registration is required.  RSVP ndantonio2@gmail.com.  Donation in advance or in person cash.  Paypal ndantonio2@gmail.com  or Venmo @nancy-dantonio.  


About Me

My path to healing has shown me that I am here to help others  connect with the part of themselves that they knew they always wanted to be even when they had no idea what that meant.

Years of poor health, infertility, un-diagnosed Lyme disease, vision loss, chronic pain, trauma, life-threatening infection, fatigue and inflammation have led me to learning about the power of plants, nature, spirituality and healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Soul Retrieval

A person experiences Soul Loss as a result of trauma whether it's from a car accident, abuse, illness or death of a loved one.  A practitioner can restore missing soul parts so that a person can be relieved of emotional burdens and feel empowered and happy.

Ancestral Healing

The practitioner performs a ceremony with the intention of contacting a deceased ancestor to acquire information, heal dysfunctional family patterns, or to receive a message on behalf of the client.

Death & Dying

A Shamanic practitioner can help a dying person or animal transition with grace by performing journeys and ceremonies to resolve conflicts that are holding them back, and by helping them connect to the ancestors who will  greet them at the time of their passing.


The  shamanic practice of removing energy that has come into the body and does not belong there or no longer serves it's purpose.

Divination Journeys

After consultation with client the practitioner journeys to the unseen realms to meet with guides, power animals and helping spirits to answer questions or gain clarity on behalf of the client.

Wind of Great Spirit

A Native American healing session that can be used to resolve issues on all levels:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each session lasts an hour and involves elements of Native American Ceremony with smudging, drumming, rattling & song.

Power Animal Retrieval

This method will connect you or your pet with a spiritual ally that will help restore personal power so that you can move forward towards reaching your goals in a good way.  For pets, it will restore their vitality and facilitate healing.

Custom Payment

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"Thank you so much for performing the Soul Retrieval to help my sister who was dying of cancer.  After the ceremony she was noticeably less agitated and became more  peaceful and calm over the next 12 hours or so before she passed on.  The remote session was very effective and also helped me feel deeply  connected to her even when she was unconscious."