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Soul Retrieval

A person experiences Soul Loss when they have trauma whether it's from a car accident, abuse, illness or death of a loved one.  During Soul Retrieval the practitioner can restore missing soul parts so that a person can be relieved of emotional burdens and feel empowered and happy.

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Power Animal Retrieval

This method will connect you with a spiritual ally that will help restore your personal power so that you can move forward towards reaching your goals in a good way.

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Death & Dying

When a person is nearing the end of their life a Shamanic practitioner can help them transition with grace by performing journeys and ceremonies to resolve any conflicts that are holding them back, and by helping them connect to the ancestors who will be there to greet them at the time of their passing.

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The  shamanic practice of removing energy that has come into the body and does not belong there or no longer serves it's purpose.

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Divination Journeys

After consultation with client the practitioner journeys to the unseen realms to meet with guides, power animals and helping spirits to answer questions or gain clarity on behalf of the client.

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Wind of Great Spirit

A Native American healing session that can be used for many issues.  The session lasts an hour and involves elements of Native American Ceremony with smudging, drumming, rattling & song.

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Ancestral Healing

The practitioner performs a ceremony with the intention of contacting a deceased ancestor to acquire information or receive a message on behalf of the client.

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Custom Payment

Use this button to make a payment for any custom amount such as a series of private sessions or classes.

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