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Intro to Shamanic  Journeying & the Spirit World 


This 7-week in-person course will introduce you to Shamanism, it’s history, and the power of shamanic journeying as a tool to enhance your life, deepen your creativity, and resolve daily challenges.  Learn about spirit guides, visit the three realms of non-ordinary reality, retrieve a personal power animal, meet a teacher, receive blessings, divine answers to questions from guides, and connect with nature spirits.  Each class will consist of an introductory lecture topic, guided journeys and a closing ceremony to increase the power of our work together.  Classes will meet in-person unless the government imposes restrictions in which case it will meet on Zoom.  Space is limited to 6 students.

DATES:  Arranged upon request.  4 students needed.


TIME:  Either 7 sessions (2hrs each) or

            a 2-day workshop format. 

WHERE:  In-person, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

            OR Online via Zoom

COST:  $275

REGISTER:  Paypal or  Venmo 


Registration is non-refundable.   Nancy D’Antonio reserves the right to cancel anyone's participation at any time for any reason.  If Nancy D’Antonio needs to cancel the course,  you will receive a full refund.  This class is intended for personal growth and educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical treatment.

drum ceremony.jpg

We meet monthly outdoors in either Riverside Park or the North Woods of Central Park and create earth altars or mandalas to honor the land and trees of New York City Park.   


The River Sisters
Healing &Drum Circle


in Central or Riverside Park, New York City

In the context of shamanic ceremony, we gather in spiritual community to pray for ourselves, our community and the world at large.  We call in sacred space, honor the elements, ancestor spirits, and  4 directions.  Each session has a theme that could be inspired by the seasons or global events.

Together, we create an earth altar with natural offerings.  Everyone is asked to contribute:  Flowers, tobacco, sage, acorns, pine cones, corn meal, wild bird seed, medicinal plants, etc. are appreciated.  You are welcome to share a poem or song, or bring a snack for afterwards.  The power of this ceremony lies in what each participant brings.  Bring a rattle/drum and a chair, blanket or mat to sit on.  


This event is by donation.  Registration required.  RSVP  Donation in advance or in person cash.  Paypal  or Venmo @nancy-dantonio. 

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